Covid-19 or Coronavirus

Due to this pandemic all our meetings at the moment are being postponed. We shall of coarse let you know when we plan to start our scheduled meetings again. 

In the meantime go on to website for more information on looking after your blood suger levels and eating correctly and some information on safe excercising during the lockdown.

At Diabetes UK they are continually talking to the government, decision makers and health services across the UK to make sure people with diabetes and their families get the support they need. It's no differant right now.They are still fighting your corner, and taking your concerns to the relevant government departments and decision makers within the health  system.

This really is an unprecidented situation and it's changing all the time. That means Diabetes UK may not always have the answer you're looking for - but they want you to know that they are doing everything they can to get you the information and support you need and they are raising concerns, questions and issues at ever opportunity.

From our team at West Sussex Downs D.UK Support Group we wish you well and stay safe, stay home, stay connected and look after our NHS.